Frequently Asked Questions

What about confidentiality and HIPAA?
We take this issue very seriously and will shred or return any documents that contain confidential information.  We will also gladly sign a confidentiality agreement with your office.  All of the transcriptionists working for Bailey Services have a confidentiality agreement in place.

What are your standard rates?
We offer many services; therefore, we have various price levels.  Please contact us for more information.

What hours are you available?
One benefit of using our service is having coverage later in the evening than you might normally have available.  We have typists that work various hours and can often cover any project.

Are you available to come into the office?
Most of our services are performed off site and it is not necessary for us to come into your office.  However, we are happy to discuss your needs.

Do you have a list of referrals/clients that have utilized your services in the past?
Yes. We will be happy to provide a referral list.

Are you familiar with billing software?
Yes, several different brands of legal billing software as well as QuickBooks.